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Trapped - George A. Bernstein What motivates a given character’s actions? Do you think those actions are justified or ethical?

Jackee was motivated by trying to stay alive to complete a mission. Kevin was motivated to keep Jackee safe. Phil was motivated by money.

Jackee and Kevin’s actions were justified. Phil, on the other hand was just greedy.

Which characters do you particularly admire or dislike?

I admire Kevin for trying to protect Jackee. I have a strong dislike for Phil and Rhonda. My opinion changes on Rhonda while reading.

Tell in your own words the beginning of the book.

Jackee running late trying to get her boys to school and make it to work for an important meeting. During rush hour traffic Jackee is cut off and the car goes flying out of control.

The climax of any book or story is the exciting or interesting part. Tell what you think is the climax of the book.

When Jackee learns she can communicate mentally and feel thru others.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.